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by Lamont at 9:55 PM
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The Ace Attorney Collection game for Nintendo 3DS launched in Japan today; the collection features the first three Ace Attorney games. Due to Prolific blogger NintenDaan getting a copy, we can see our first look at this new game.

Credit to SICKR and thanks to NintenDan for allowing us to get a first look at this game.

by Mikaya at 6:20 AM
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a little sneak peak for MK8 fans - it been said that there may be 30 playable characters to choose from within the game. A screenshot was taken by VG247 Italy of the character selection screen. It has also been said that Diddy Kong will be a playable character, but he seems to be missing from the default playable characters roster. Don't worry though, be may make a...
by Lamont at 8:46 PM
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Thanks to Sickr and Japanese gaming publication Famitsu, we now have a list of playable characters in the upcoming Mario Golf World Tour. Here are the list of characters:​
  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Yoshi
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Donkey Kong
  • Browser
  • Boo
  • Mii
  • Diddy Kong
  • Browser Jr.
  • Toad
  • Birdo
  • Kamek...

by GhostofLavender at 5:48 PM
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Yoshio Sakamoto, the director of Super Metroid and Metroid: Other M, will probably not be returning to the series anytime soon. Sakamoto says that he wants to create entertainment that's completely different and brings new emotions. Sakamoto is currently the director of Tomodachi Life.

“I do not intend to do so. There might [currently] be various tasks I might be...
by Lamont at 7:48 PM
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Following yesterday's article about some of the gameplay of Tomodachi Life, today's article is about the Nintendo 3DS eShop version's game size. Surprisingly, the file size for the digital version of Tomodachi life is just over 3,000 blocks!!. This is a welcoming surprise because you'd think that with of all the features it has the game size would...

by GhostofLavender at 6:04 PM
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It appears that the official Spanish Nintendo magazine has revealed that Diddy Kong will be joining the cast of Mario Kart 8. The scan was posted as a preview of this month's magazine. Nintendo themselves have yet to confirm Diddy's spot in the game.

Credit to Miles and Teenchampion!
by Lamont at 7:23 PM
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Tomodachi Life is a new simulation game that was announced for the 2DS and the 3DS in a Nintendo Direct video April 11th. In Tomodachi Life, you can create virtually any kind of person that you want and you can watch them go about their daily amusing life. Tomodachi means friend, this is exactly what Tomodachi Life is all about; you, your friends and a wide range of...

by GhostofLavender at 6:52 PM
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Indie game studio DrinkBox, the creators of Mutant Blobs Attack and Gucamelee, have revealed that they are working on a new project titled Severed. Destructoid says that the game is a mix between Mega Man, Infinity Blade, and Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. It is a dungeon-crawler adventure game that is all gesture-based. Even though iOS and Android are confirmed, DrinkBox...

by Mikaya at 4:16 PM
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Want to get your hands on a exclusive Pokemon 2DS bundle? the console is fully loaded with Pokemon X. It is available to buy for the bargain price of $99.99. If you would prefer not to get a 2DS, you can get a $40 gift card along with any Purchased 3DS XL consoles. These offers are from Target, which is a US retailer. More information can be found...

by Mikaya at 12:18 PM
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If you would like to see how it's like to play the upcoming game known as Disney Magical world for 3DS, please read on! A member from Nintendomination, called Tilmen, has had the pleasure of uploading a full 90 minute gameplay video. The game will feature full 3D graphics within various Disney worlds, whilst starting a exciting new adventure which is fantasy based....